Esta es una historia que escribí para un concurso literario. A pesar de que ya sabía que no tenía muchas posibilidades decidí arriesgarme y enviarla. Como ya anticipaba, la historia no ganó el concurso pero la verdad es que me encantó escribirla y por eso la quiero compartir. Está escrita en inglés ya que ese era uno de los requisitos, así como también tenía que tratar sobre algo relacionado con el deporte. De pequeña hice ballet, y la verdad es que desde un primer momento decidí centrar la historia en eso. Como no, no hay relato que salga de mi sin historia de amor.

Se aceptan sugerencias, comentarios, críticas o cualquier otra cosa 🙂

Aviso: La historia tenía un número máximo de palabras. Mis disculpas si hay algún fallo en cuanto al idioma extranjero, a pesar de ser profesora de inglés, puedo cometer algún fallo.


This is a story I wrote for a literary contest. Even though I already knew that I didn’t have any chance to win, I decided to risk it and send it anyway. As I expected, the story did not make it but, to be honest, I loved the process of writing it and that’s why I want to share it. It is written in english since that was one of the requirements, and I also had to write about something related to the topic of sports. When I was a little girl I did ballet, and truth be told, from the very beginning I decided I would focus my story on that. Needless to say, there isn’t a story that comes from my mind that does not include a love story.

Suggestions, comments,  criticism or any other things are accepted 🙂

Disclaimer: The story had a maximum of words. I apologise in advance in case there is any mistake as regards the foreign language. In spite of being an English teacher I can make some mistakes.


I took a deep breath, I was exhausted after training for three hours, but that was not enough for me, I wanted to train more and more, I wanted to win the competition on Saturday. Ever since I was little I had always dreamed of becoming a successful ballet dancer, but I knew that was hard work. I was not going to surrender, though, after all these years dancing… I had always loved dancing, and I had won different prizes throughout the years. The first one was when I was seven. My mother had enrolled me in my first competition two years after I had started my dancing lessons. I don’t remember much of it but I do remember the nerves I felt when I stepped in the stage, and the feeling of grabbing my first award ever. It wasn’t very big, just a golden cup with a little ballerina in the base, but for me it was a big deal.

Unfortunately, ballet dancing is not considered an Olympic sport, and that would be my biggest dream. Anyway, I really loved ballet dancing and for me it was the most enjoyable sport of all times. I was confident that I could win the competition, I had already prepared the music, the ballet clothes and the choreography, but I was so nervous that I could not sleep at nights, and I felt like I would forget all the moves once the competition started. This event was very important for me.

While I was taking a break, I walked towards the school gym’s window. A lot of people were outside practicing all kinds of sports. I could see the football team scoring goals. Some cheerleaders near them were shaking their pom-pons, some runners stretching out their legs. Everyone in the school was getting ready for this year’s competition. The school organized
these activities every year. It was a way of promoting our school’s name since everyone in the city talked about this competition and it was also a way of teaching pupils and parents the importance of sport in our lives to have and promote a healthy life style.

I decided to go outside and sit down in the grandstand to observe the people and get some rest. A long distance race was about to start and I could not help but laying my eyes on one of the runners that was competing. He was dark-haired and very athletic. I could not stop staring at him, something about him really called my attention, he looked focused on the race, but suddenly, he turned his head and stared back at me. Directly into my eyes. I felt my cheeks blush and then, someone screamed ‘GO!’ and the race started.

The boy started running, I had the feeling that I had distracted him with my looks and I felt bad about it. The boy was not doing very well, he was in the fourth position and he looked upset. He was already sweating and he started running faster and faster. For some reason, I really wanted the boy to win the race, I found myself focusing on the race and thinking ‘you can do it, you can do it’. I did not know the name of the boy but Ithought that he deserved to win. I took my good-luck charm out of my pocket and clenched my fist around it. It was a little green clover that my grandmother had given me in my first ballet competition and it had really helped me win, I thought. ‘C’mon, you can do it’ I thought to myself. The boy overtook one of the runners. Now he was in third position. There were five more laps to finish the long-distance race. The boy that was wining was really moving fast. He was determined to win. The boy then, stated running faster and he was in second position. I thought that maybe he was trying to keep his energy for the home stretch which was already taking place. It was the final lap and he was second still. The winner looked very tired and slowed down a little bit, and then the boy took advantage of the situation and overtook the winner. The finish line was near, he did the last effort and he passed through it.

I realised that I had been holding my breath and I released it when I saw the boy winning. He was really good and I hoped he could win the final race on Saturday. Before heading back to the gym, I had a last look at him and I saw the boy staring at me again. ‘Why is he looking at me?’ I blushed again and turned my head over. That boy really caught my attention, and for a moment I thought he was smiling at me. ‘Katie, you are dreaming’ I thought to myself. Then, I headed back to the gym, lost in my thoughts and imagining myself wining the competition as well.

Next day, I woke up, had breakfast and went towards the gym again. It was Friday and I had not slept. It was only one more day until the competition. I was very nervous, I needed to calm down, I could do it, and I really thought I could win, but I was so insecure. In the changing room, I dressed up for my practice, I got into my leotards and tutu, and I wore my ballet shoes, they were worn out. My feet were hurting from the practices and a massage would have been well received. I looked for something in my pocket but I did not find my good-luck charm. ‘¿Where is it?’ I thought. I got really worried, I could not dance without my charm, I needed it, it gave me good luck, I thought I would lose without it, I was really scared thinking I may have lost it. But, ¿how? I looked for it in my bag, in all ofMY pockets, in my wallet, on the floor, it was not anywhere. Then, I suddenly realized that I had it yesterday in the grandstand when I was looking at that boy running. ‘It must have fallen there!’ I thought.

I kept all of my clothes in my sport bag and headed towards the door. I grabbed the door knob and opened the door. I could not believe my eyes, the long-distance runner was there in the gym, he was standing there looking at me. ‘Oh my god, what is he doing here?’ I was petrified when the boy turned over and smiled at me. He took some steps and moved towards me.

‘Hey, umm… I’m James. I’m sorry to disturb you. Umm I saw you yesterday in the grandstand.’ He was talking to me. I thought she was dreaming. ‘Say something’ I thought, but my mouth did not move. ‘Are you OK?’ James asked.

‘Oh, yes! I’m sorry, I thought I was alone here.’ Katie, that was not the best thing to say. The boy was staring at me into my eyes, and that made me feel really shy.

‘Um… I just wanted to give you something, I think it belongs to you’ He emptied his pocket and showed me something small. My good-luck charm.

I opened my mouth in surprise and glanced at him. He smiled.

‘Oh, I thought I had lost it… Thank you very much… how did you find it?’ I asked bewildered.

‘It was on the floor… in the grandstand.’ I could not stop looking at his cheek’s dimple.

‘You just saved me… I was so worried that I would lose tomorrow’s competition without it’. I was so thankful I wanted to hug him but I definitely did not want to risk it.

‘You don’t need it to win. I have seen you dancing… sometimes at the gym, and you’re so good. You will win for sure’. He winked an eye and I could not help but looking to the floor and bite my thumb’s nail.

‘Oh, have you? That’s so sweet… I appreciate it, thank you’. He looked at me waiting that I add something else; I wanted to say something so that he wouldn’t go away, so I added: ‘You are very good as well, I saw you running, umm… the other day, and I knew you would win.’ I stared back to the floor.

‘Maybe someone was sending me good vibes far away’. He was making me really nervous and I think he noticed because he laughed and said: ‘Well, I should get going. I will see you tomorrow. Good luck.’ He took my hand and gave me the good-luck charm. I closed my fingers around it and looked at him. Without giving me a chance to answer him back, he went away. I melted right there.


The school stadium was full of people, there was music playing from the speakers all over the campus. People were eating hot dogs and drinking cola. Families, friends, teachers, everyone was waiting for the competitions to start. Birds were singing, it was such a beautiful summer day; you could breathe the sportive environment all over.

I was so nervous, I was not sure if it was because of the competition or because that boy had spoken to me and I was looking for him everywhere, unaware that the competition was about to start and I was so unfocused. I caught a glance of him talking with some of his friends; he looked confident and quite cheerful.

I went to the gym and practiced my choreography one more time. The rest of the girls in the gym were also practicing their moves before the competition, and some teachers and parents were looking at us. My parents were standing in the hall, waiting for me to be called in to dance. The dancing competition started. The school had prepared a stage in the gym where we were going to dance. I was in the backstage listening the music from other girl’s choreographies. I tried not to think about anything but my thoughts were going towards James, I wondered if he would be outside there in the grandstand looking at me while I danced.

‘Thank you very much, Leslie. Next dancer is our student Katie Withman, please delight us with you choreography.’ I heard people clapping outside. I took a deep breath and I walked towards the stage. The gym was full of people, I saw my parents and family, I smiled at them, and then I saw James with his friends at the back, I think he waved at me but I am not sure because I closed my eyes when the music started playing. Without thinking, my body started moving, my heart beat slowed down and I relaxed while I performed my dance. It went by so fast, and I think I did quite well. When I finished I took a deep breath and smiled. Everyone stood up and clapped very hard. Then the spokesman approached and told me:

‘A very beautiful performance, Katie, as always, thank you very much.’ Everyone clapped.

I saw the rest of the competition alone in the backstage and then when it finished I listened with attention at the release of the winners names. Third position was for Lizzie Travis, second position for Sarah Thomas. And then for the winner, the spokesman made us all get in the stage, we held our hands together.

‘And the first position on this year’s ballet competition is for…. Katie Withman!


I was outside in the grandstand and the long-distance race had just taken place. James had won the first prize and he was so happy, I was thrilled as well after winning the competition all of my efforts had been worth it. I was with some friends, I had not spoken with James but we had interchanged some looks throughout the event. I went to drink some cola when someone tapped my shoulder. It was James with a big smile on his face. He was glowing.

‘Hey, Katie! Congratulations on your first position, I knew you would do it.’ He said to me.

‘Oh hey, James! Thank you… I… congrats to you as well, you won!’ I looked at him, he looked tired but full of energy.

‘Yes, fortunately’ He passed his fingers through his hair. ‘I wanted to show you something’ he said suddenly. Then, he took something off his pocket. ‘Look’. It was a charm very similar to mine, it was a necklace and it was a clover just like mine. ‘It gave me good luck’. He said.

‘Where did you get it?’ I asked to him very surprised, I had never seen another one as mine.

‘Well, in fact, it has always been with me… My father gave it to me when I was five, and I have kept it with me ever since.’ He looked serious now.

‘That’s such a coincidence… I got mine…’ I was interrupted by him. ‘Iknow, I know… maybe it’s destiny’. He answered. I blushed and curled my hair with a finger.

‘Look, I wanted to know if you… Well… Would you like to go out for dinner some day?’ He proposed. He seemed relieved now that he had said it. I was petrified, I was not expecting something like that and I said:

‘Of course I would…’ He smiled and he approached me. Then, suddenly he hugged me. For a moment, I did not know what to do, he was so close and I wanted to stay like this forever. I closed my arms around his back.

‘Our good-luck charms brought us together’ and he squeezed my body against him. There is no other place I’d rather be.




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  1. I really loved it. I like your blog!!

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    1. Cristina dice:

      Thank you!! I’m glad you like it, it means a lot! 🙂 🙂

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    1. Cristina dice:

      ¡Muchas gracias! 😀

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