Quote of the day

“People build up walls, not to keep others out but to see who cares enough to break them down” 

So true. People build walls around them just to see who takes the time to break them so they can get to know you. Once you do this you are able to see who really does an effort to try and get to you, approach you and stay there when they have seen who you trully are.

In fact, people sometimes build up walls because they are afraid of what the others can do, they are afraid of the effects that poeple’s actions can have on them. Nobody wants to get hurt. Nobody wants to go through a period of anxiety and sadness just because they let others see what’s inside of their heads, that’s the main reason why people build up walls.

And that’s why you should appreciate the people you have, the people who broke down your walls and know who you are on the inside, without masks, without fake smiles. Those are the valuable people, the ones with whom you can be yourself and be free, without pressure.

You can disagree with me here, but there aren’t many people like that and you really have to do your best to keep those people around, with you. Because that’s the best thing you have, and if they are true friends, they will never let you down.

I’m a complicated person, I’m not easy-going at all, and I’m kind of reserved, I’m aware of that. And that’s why I try to do my best to keep those people with whom I’m not afraid to be myself around.

Because they took the time to know me, and that’s not an easy task.




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